Recently I learned that someone close to me was losing his job.  This person, along with so many other hard working people, has been affected by the bad economy, companies trying to survive by cutting costs, and the overall decline in the job market.

Having talked to him I realized what a financial burden this was going to be for him and his family.  His job is somewhat specialized and he is getting to the point in life where retirement was starting to enter his mind; starting over was the last thing on his mind.

Thinking about this made me think about all the families out there that are struggling in so many ways, and until I started The Gilfillan Group Realtors I really didn't have the flexibility to do anything about it.  

Some people through no fault of their own need help and that's what we want to do. For people who have lost their jobs and have lost equity in their homes we will be offering a serious discount in our fees.  The discount will vary depending on their situation but it could be up to 80 percent in reduced fees.

Normally, I don't think discount brokerages are the way to go, I don't think it is a sustainable business model, especially in these kind of economic times, but, helping our community will always be a sustainable business model.  So with that said there will be some questions and requirements to qualify. If you are anyone you know might be able to benefit from this feel free to call or email us.


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